30 April 2017


Can't believe that now almost mid year already. When I saw my blog's dashboard I only produce 8 articles and those almost about my short trip to Kuala Lumpur on February. It means diminishing my skill haha. However, there are some articles that I didn't post it yet and always end up as draft. I just don't finish them or the other day when I back to continue write it I don't feel like it was interesting (at least for me). A little my life's update, i just withdrawal from ASEF application that I applied last month. This application was my first attempt after I got invited to World Culture Forum in Bali last year. I have target to my self to join an international event as journalist and that opportunity wasn't come yet. But they (ASEF Committee) keep emailing and encourage me to apply on other event that suit me (ASEFEdu Young Reporter 2017). Yeah that program fits me very well, but then I decided not to apply for some reason. 

Another life's update is that now I am enjoying my work better. I am not only responsible for website content as journalist but also learn how to manage social media or you can call me Social Media Officer (is this correct terms?). You can check and follow us on Instagram (@dishubsurabaya) and Facebook (Surabaya Transport Department - Dinas Perhubungan Kota Surabaya). So grateful to have boss that eager me (as a team) to fully explore and handle our social media as our objective is to spread Safety Riding Campaign and also to promote Surabaya City Government to the national level. I am challenged to change people perspective about 'government' particularly for young people who is so much engage on social media these day. Young people have much influence to spread positive and negative though on their peers by social media. Therefore, social media campaign is a good way to attract their attention and we also held some offline event like video and photo competition so they feel becoming more involve on government program. However I done all of this without any academic or proper knowledge about maintaining social media. I just learn it from my friend which is also graduate from communication studies, but I think I need to learn it directly from the expert, he said. 

That's all for today, I hope I can continue post something on my blog regularly and I believe it need consistency. I am trying my best to write it in english to polish my english skill that was ignored. Have a nice long weekend day :D