14 September 2016

Surabaya Smart City : Digital World, Society And Cultural Engaging

In July 2016, Surabaya been hosted in Indonesia International Smart City Expo & Forum Surabaya 2016 (IISMEX 2016). Surabaya was chosen in this international event because Surabaya is the pioneer of development on regional digitalization and award-winning Smart City Index with highest value.

In 2011, Surabaya was awarded as Smart City from Warta Ekonomi Magazine for the efforts of implementing information technology and communication in order to creating smart cities and communities.  Therefore, Surabaya believed to host of IISMEX in 2016. It is proved that Surabaya successfully implement the concept of smart city based on Information and Communication Technologies which is integrated so as to improve the quality of public services. According to Nijkamp, et al in Chaffers (2013) Smart City is one of new strategies city development and city management. This concept emerged and evolved coincided with changing times and technology. Smart City is defined as “a city to be smart when investments in human and social capital and traditional and modern communications infrastructure fuel sustainable economic growth and a high quality of life, with a wise management of natural resources, through participatory governance”.

As a Smart City, Surabaya apply three factors: Smart Government, Smart Living and Smart Environment. These three factors are closely related to the use of technology to provide comfortness and well-being for the community in the development process of the city. In the concept of Smart Government, Surabaya implementing public participation in decision-making and transparent governance. While Smart Living give wider impact on society as promoting tourism of Surabaya through a portal, Traffic Management Centers, and Intelligent Transport Surabaya. Smart environment includes Sustainable resource management related to the early warning system, IT waste treatment systems and IT-based water monitoring.

Therefore how far Surabaya as Smart City influence or contribute to society through the use of technology? Surabaya would like to invite the public to participate in urban development through technology, especially new media (Smart Government). For example, Surabaya has E-Wadul media (E-Complain) as a media for people to submit their complaints and suggestions. E-Wadul can be downloaded at PlayStore making it easier for people if they want to make a complaint and suggestions so they can directly access via smartphone. Complaints and suggestions will be answered directly by the relevant authorities, so that people can get feedback 1x24 hours. Through E-Wadul people are train to be critical in view of their surroundings and participate in government oversight. Complaints that frequently reported like the damaged roads, street lighting die etc.

Smart Living that have been run by the city of Surabaya, make use of the Internet to promote local products where people can display the uniqueness and their distinction to the whole world. For example, in Penjaringan Sari Surabaya there is a Cookies business sector or known as Kampung Cookies (SMEs). After training to make a website by the Surabaya City Government, they gain more money through internet. Residents of districts previously only housewives began to turn into wirausawan until it can add to the family economy. Remarkably, when international events Prepcom 3 UN Habitat in July 2016, many domestic and foreign guests who want to visited Kampung Cakes. It shows the concept of Local Wisdom go globally, where the uniqueness of Surabaya is known and distributed throughout the world.

According to Taylor & Francais (2008) Culture Consist of patterns, explicit and implicit, of and for behavior acquired and transmitted by symbols, constituting the distinctive achievements of human groups, Including Reviews their embodiments in artifacts; the essential core of culture Consist of traditional (i.e., historically derived and selected) ideas and especially Reviews their attached values; culture systems may, on the one hand, be Considered as products of action, on the other as conditioning elements of further action. According to explanation above, techologies especially new media give significant impact on people's behavior. It can shape the way society thinks the government and making people dare to show themselves to the public to introduce their potential.

As part of the success of Surabaya as Smart City, in July 2016, Surabaya appointed to host the third Prepcom UN Habitat. The event is the scene of international meetings to discuss the issue of settlements. Predicted in the next few years people will live in urban so the city must be managed effectively from now on. United Nation believes that Surabaya deserve to be an example of healthy urban settlements and corresponding world standards, meaning that Surabaya has begun widely recognized both the city and also local wisdom. In addition to the conference, the participants UN Habitat are also invited to visit Kampung Surabaya who managed to become an ideal village for human. Through this international event, Surabaya become globally known as participant share their ideas during a field trip in Kampoong to the world through writing on social media, television, and Offical website of UN Habitat.

The conclusion that the use of new media and technology in public life have a major impact, especially in the city of Surabaya. Not only beneficial for the government, but also establish a new culture of the community to care more about the environment to make a contribution toward sustainable development.

Paramadina Yuni Astika,
* This essay was sent to World Culture Forum, in Bali Oktober 2016

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