23 Agustus 2014

Being a freelance writer

source : google images
The term of working is not always about office and how much money you earn, more than that is how you can enjoy your work. Everywhere ! Anyway, I am very keen on writing. I was a journalist for my high school magazine and a weekly bulletin in my previous university. I find it very interesting job yet challenging because I can meet different person with different background every time. It can broaden my horizon and also give me more and more new friends. Up to now, I still doing this job for several magazine in Surabaya as a freelance writer.

The main thing I enjoy as a freelance that I can manage my time effectively. I can sit down at my room with a cup of coffee and wearing my pajamas. Who cares? as long as I have an internet connection and send my job on time. For me, being late is unthinkable because work in a media is team work. Once I late to send my writing, then it will affected all over the process. Working from home will also reduce stress from get stuck in the traffic rush-hour which people use to face it on the daily basis. However, start as a freelance is not a plain sailing since we must find every tiny opportunity actively. If we do not have a strong relationship with our colleagues, you won't be able to got a new project to do with.

It must be nice to work in your own home, is it?

Yes and No. As a freelance it does not mean that I am totally working at home everyday. In fact, I need to do a news coverage by catching up the sources which is very demanding. Then I can do the rest of my job everywhere and I do it at home because I liked the idea of getting up and working in my own environment. But to be honest, it is very easy to get too relaxed and get into bad habits. Sometimes I miss being around people and striking up friendship. Therefore, I like to combine the two, I always spend my Tuesday and Friday at the office to get a work-life balance.

To sum up, before considering to do a freelancer we should develop a strong sense of discipline and strong responsibility. We can try to put a pair of trousers and work shirt even when you working at home. Sounds funny, but it will psychologically help us to set our new environment virtually.