10 Juni 2014

Best Place to Live (?)

The demand for more houses has been inevitable since the number of population has always increased significantly every year.  The reasons are peoples looking for the best place that give a better job and enhance their quality of life. Some people believe that develop a new city in a rural area is a good idea, but other argue that build more houses in a city is better. In my view, both of these views have an advantages and disadvantages for several reasons.

Some people claim that develops a rural area is worthless because there are less job opportunity and low income standard. Moreover, the quality and the availability of public facilities are poor. For instance, in a school there is no library and in a hospital the ambulance services are not always available. In spite of the disadvantages, develop a rural area could be benefit because it has lot of potential that has not developed yet. Firstly, live in a rural area is good for health since the environment is green and no traffic jam which is very good for reducing stress. Secondly, the houses price is so cheap because there is less competition to get the land comparing to the city.

In a contrast there are those who feel secure to live in a city because it convenient and provided sophisticated facilities. In the same way, it is much easier to get a job since international companies have their office in the cities. Another good example of these advantages is people in a city have more opportunities to choose what they want. They can choose to attend to the ballet school, tennis school or gymnastic. In opposition to these advantages, according to Dr. Jo Boufford (2011) live in cities leads to greater stress and affect people’s health. In addition, the data shows that car ownership rate has increased dramatically by 1.7 percentages in city in 2011 (streetblog.com). This implies that the air is unhealthy and city dwellers tend to be risk for diseases such as respiratory problems.

To sum up, government should have an appropriate program to manage the population density. Instead of occupied the city regardless the environment impact, develop rural area could be best answer.

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