23 Mei 2014

Pancake Recipe Presentation

23 May 2014

Today is my speaking test in my English Course. My teacher Doug, give us chance to deliver our mini presentation about Food. Yeay, me and Terri (my partner) decide to choose "How to Make Pancake" as our presentation tonight. We have been prepared for 2 days and I have gave my best effort. And I feel very captivated with my power point. It so gorgeous !!

Another team choose Klepon, Cheese cake and Papeda as their presentation. We felt very satisfied tonight because we can delivered our presentation successfully. Especially when we close our presentation with that qoute and a cute little boy with fork and plate of pancake appear. I feel like have a special relationship with pancake because when I was in Germany my host Ellen always made pancake for my breakfast.

I just so excited maybe because this is my first english language presentation (as I remember). Hooked !

*all of pictures in my presentation are from google*


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