11 Desember 2013

Wanderlust !

I do believe in this quote came from Abu Musa Asy-Asy-ari, 

Dari Abu Musa Asy-Asy'ari, dia mengatakan bahwa, Rasulullah saw. Bersabda :
"Sesungguhnya, Perumpamaan Teman yang Baik dan Teman yang Buruk, adalah Seperti Penjual Minyak Wangi dan Tukang Pandai Besi. Seorang Penjual Minyak Wangi akan memberi kamu Minyak, atau kamu Membelinya, atau kamu mendapati Bau yang Harum darinya. Sedangkan Pandai Besi, maka bisa jadi akan Membakar bajumu dan bisa pula engkau mendapati darinya Bau yang Busuk". (HR. Muttafaq 'Alaih)
Yap. In our everyday life we never separate from friend, that's why they might become a strong influencer for us. And I always remembering and refer to those quote recently. Think twice who really friend I have and how they change over my life. But anyway, in stead of talk about friend we do need to go after and assort who was the most inspiring one. In my former post I have already written about my Junior High School friend, who was grantee for scholarship in Sweden this year. And now I have just found the other one, Dini Hajarrahmah.

Well, She do not even know me because I just one of 1743 follower in her twitter account. Hahaha... but she can impress me just in a glance. Actually she is a HR Employee Branding of @DanCommunityID, the most fascinating factory in Indonesia. I know her twitter from my friend, and with no doubt I just follow her. And this morning I took the time to open her blog in http://www.dinihajarrahmah.com/ and she was amazing. She get many scholarship and got chance to going overseas for many times. And the most important is now she have been working for Danone Indonesia (my dream job).

According to her blog, I am not suprised for all of her achievment because she have a strong leadership skill. I thought that many leadership activity like organisation, competition and strong willingness has brought her to this step. She was very active student and have selected to many chance like PPAN (Pertukaran Pemuda Antar Negara) which I always failed three times. And now I believe there is no such coincidence in a people like her. As a whizz kid she must be worked hard to achive all of it. Until now she was on of Danone employee, I think there is no an easy way. Ya, because I also have an experience follow the admission for join in Danone, but the test was severe strain for me.

I can take many advantages from her life that we should be dare to take a high risk. Do be avarage people with average kind of friend. Find other who can take you higher, who can inspired you as well. Great friend will lead you to many opportunities, let us realize that many door is not open yet. They will bring us around and develop or even take us to something we never expect before.

Find her : http://www.dinihajarrahmah.com/