26 November 2013

Make hay while the sun shines !

Too many subject in senior high school in Indonesia?

I've read it for a while when I am came up into student center this day. "Oh, I see it is must be the topic for discussion club this week". Seems interesting because I am one of the person which rather agree with that opinion. However I decided not to join the discussion club today and registered for the next round. I always felt lucky to be here everyday. Yes, everyday I spent my time here with a lot of book (and i love it). This room like have a some hidden strengh to kept me stay for a whole day. Sometimes I am the first one who came here even the door has just open. But I didn't want people think that I am too diligent or something. 

I think some people wasted their money not going to this student center even they have paid before. Because studied in a class for two hours per day has never enough. I found many things here and felt more and more stupid. "Good !" I said and nod my head while I am standing in a row of desk book. "Where have you been dina?" now I am whispered to my own. Decided to study here is my turning point since I was down in the dumps of my job. I do not want to be thick person by doing easy job regurally everyday. Then what's the point of your entire life?

I thought to get higher education afterward. Not to make an escape for my suffering time during looking for a job. But I often quarelling with my own head and rethinking what I gotta do. "I just too lazy to study again" I said a couple month ago. But now I refused my statement and turn be addicted student, addicted to study. I met my new friend around 15 student here who want to take IELTS test just like me. Two of they are still in their senior high school and the other had have graduate from university. And the special are four people older than me and have a high spirit to study.

You can imagine your father or even mother sitting next to you and bring pencil then answer the question from the teacher. Yeah I saw it in this class and I was almost stunned looked at them. They never even shame and done their best in class. So I just throwback one month ago when I am fully narrow minded about my future. Tend to be well off or tight fisted person (my unconsciousness said to me). Nevertheless I got brainwave and realize that it's time to move on afterward. Therefore I build my self spirit and decided to get IELTS as soon as possible.

And now I am felt bless to be here. Gather with people at the same purpose and spirit to get better future. Well, before this day I am quite hesitate to be student of this courses due to the high cost should be paid. But again, I do belive that if there is a will there is a way. Thanks God, my parents supported a lot about my planing to take my master degree next year. I've been meet Phil and Elisa as my teacher for the whole program. They really nice teacher and I felt keen in every lecturers.

Now I should get 7 for my IELTS score and my examiner at placement test said it might difficult unless I study hard. Sometimes I just keyed up since I got only two month for preparation. Then I sould discourage my self to push my best efford and the laid back. I thought IELTS test would be in a list of my frighten life experience shared with thesis exam and how to got my German visa. Hahaha. So let me do my best and then wait the good news in the 2014. I deserve to get it, amin :)

Elisa's Class


avezahra mengatakan...

Yeah mbak dina study abroad!!!!

Paramadina mengatakan...

amin, amin
masih jauh perjalannya :)